Sunday, 31 December 2006

British troops forced to live in squalor

Thousands of British soldiers are living in squalor at damp, poorly maintained barracks with leaking roofs, broken windows, faulty heating, potentially dangerous wiring and blocked lavatories.(RG Says) Let only hope 2007 is better year for our armed forces. These servicemen are living in worse conditions than some asylum seekers, how long can this go on? We need a major overall of this lazy arrogant Government, the very fabric of our society is collapsing around us and all Blair can do is Sun himself at the tax payers expense Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

2007: New Years Honours for Service personnel and defence civilians

134 UK Service personnel have been granted State honours by Her Majesty The Queen in her annual New Years Honours list
published on 31 December 2006. Cheers you deserve it.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

A moving Tribute to a Falklands War veteran

Dean Reganart

I think you will agree with me that this poem that was posted in my guest book on my old Blog deserves to be on Rogue Gunner. Thank you Ann.

In loving memory of my husband Jim Laker who took his own life on the 27th Sept 1997 age just 37 years old. He was also a veteran of the Falklands War who suffered PTSD. My heart goes out to all of you who are sufering with PTSD

A Poem From Me To Him

Heavenly Father Up Above
Please Protect The One I Love
Sealed With Love, Sealed With A Kiss
The One I Love Is Reading This
If I Should Die And Go Up There
I'll Meet You By The Golden Chair
If You're Not There But Judgement Day
I'll Know You've Gone The Other Way
And Just To Prove My Love Is True
I'll Go Through Hell
To Be With You

In Loving Memory Of My Husband Jim Laker
2 Para Falklands Veteran 4.4.60 - 27.9.97

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"


Ullock Pike, Dodd and Bassenthwaite Lake. Lake District England.

I wrote `Solace` after returning home one afternoon from a day alone in the mountains and forests near my home in the lake District. I felt at peace for a while away from the urban madness and other human beings.

Their lips are moving and their eyes meet mine

I nod and smile a semblance sublime

The King Laughs so I laugh back

I yearn for emptiness off the beaten track

Im forty now was nineteen then

From boys to soldiers from soldiers to men

Some judge some pity some laugh some hate

Some threaten me with God and the pearly gate

The left say killer the right say hero

I say `LEAVE ME` my tolerance zero

I walk through the forest then sit all alone

For a minute I feel peace away from human scorn

I watch a small bird with grass in its beak

It lands by my foot so beautiful but meek

It fluffs out it feathers and looks straight in my eye

Why can such innocence cause a grown man to cry?

Im assaulted back to reality by two low flying planes

Curled up in a ball back at Fitzroy again

That minute of peace seemed more like an hour

I will cherish those seconds like a sin cleansing shower

The woods getting darker wind making trees moan

I feel cold but no fear in the dark all alone

As I trudge back to my car a bird chirps from the mist

A smile breaks my lips while clutching the grass in my fist

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Royal Artillery Ready To GO

Royal Artillery Ready To GO

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Hat tip to Chosen Man for spotting this Royal Artillery vid. Spot the Rapier in there, the updated version I might add, it looks a bit more impressive with more missiles and not like the wheely bins we used down South, only joking great bit of kit.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Saturday, 30 December 2006

Painting of 32 Alpha at Port Pleasant Falklands War.

Above is a painting of what could be my Rapier Missile launcher at Port pleasant usually mistaken for Bluff Cove. You can see all Dean Reganart paintings at his site just click on his name. Apologies if its not meant to be 32 Alpha.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"


Dean Reganart

As I have been more depressed than usual during this Holiday season I though it was apt to publish a poem I wrote when my mental state was particularly bad. I wrote this poem `Darkness` on one of these days.















© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

The End Of A Macabre Chapter in Iraq.

There is no doubt that Saddam was an Evil dictator and very few tears will be shed for his demise but I personally feel that he should have been tried in the Haig and all the long list of his crimes be put before the world. But I feel it was in the British and American Governments interests to hand him over to the Shias and the inevitable noose. If we wanted rid of him so badly he should have been shot in his rat hole when he was discovered. Read It Here

Top Saudi cleric issues religious edict declaring Shiites to be infidels

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Friday, 29 December 2006

Another Soldier Dies In Basra Blast

The serviceman was from the 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, according to the Ministry Of Defence website. I served as an NCO with the Kings own Royal Border Regt who was amalgamated to form this new Regt. Sadly this will not be the last soldier to die overseas and when Saddam is executed there will be a massive surge in Violence. Read It Here R.I.P.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Paying our debt back in full.

This week this country is finally going to pay back the money we borrowed in the fight against Nazi Germany
War Debts Many may be suprised that our Allies charged us interest on the money we borrowed from them. Cash may have moved between countries but now in 2006 the blood of our young men & woman is flowing in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. How much is their courage worth?

Article by the BBC (Spit) Thanks Maggie

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Royal Marine Tribute

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Britons apply to join army in Australia

And who can blame them, I bet Australian soldiers dont get turned away from bars after burying their comrades in case their uniform offends. As Colonel Tim Collins says "In the British Army, the leadership is poor and continues to be poor. There has been a selfishness at the top, while jealous civil servants have eroded the conditions of troops serving in the Army.

"Payment for being away from home for long periods has become intolerable. The Ministry of Defence, famously, could not give a toss about servicemen."
Read It Here

Your right there Colonel.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

The Mental Wounds Of War

PTSD is nothing new it just gets pushed to the back of the queue in priorities when it comes to this British Government, as the report says "Post-traumatic stress disorder is now widely recognised as a serious illness" it would be only right if this condition was given more funding without places like Combat Stress having to rely on charity to keep going.Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

UK Soldier Killed On Patrol

Sadly this sort of news is becoming routine, but it hurts me as much as when I heard of the first UK casualty. This latest soldier was from29 Commando Regt RA Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

'We Need Proper Support'

Yet another senior military commander speaks out and complains at the lack of support of the military from Government. Its getting to be epidemic of dissent isn’t it? Will they listen probably not , Blair is in Disney Landor somewhere by all accounts, lets hope he stays there! Military Coup anyone?Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

REST IN PEACE - British Forces In Iraq Remembered

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Queen Honours Barrow Soldier.

Bombardier Paul Ellison is an ambassador for my old Regt 12 Regt RA and the town of Barrow-in-Furness, this modest hero is what makes the British Army the fighting force it is today. He selfishly rescued three comrades from a burning vehicle that had been attacked and is to receive the Queens Commendation for Bravery. Well done Paul I salute you. Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Royal Marines Story Falkland Islands

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Seasons Greetings

The soldier sat in the packed bar all alone
Drinking his whiskey
Laughter and youthful exuberance filled the room
But could not penetrate the armour of his heart
His back against the wall giving him security
With all round defence
They never noticed him
He liked it that way
He was only there in body
His mind in a war 24 years gone
The same brown eyes staring into the nothingness
Seasons greeting’s he smiled at the empty glass.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Monday, 25 December 2006

AFTER WAR- Author interview with the former Royal Marine

I second every word that Simon Bywater says beacuase he knows what he is talking about and its the truth. I read Simons first book Forced Out a few years ago and I recomend it to anyone who wants a better incite into the effects of PTSD.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

The season of Goodwill?

Well maybe not in Iraq !
Read It Here

I hope they saved the lads some Crimbo Dinner when they got back to base?

Happy Christmas.

I wrote this poem `Christmas Time` you guessed it at Christmas time, this is because my PTSD will not allow me to relax and enjoy a holiday, I have to become depressed as usual and feel sorry for myself, like I do daily, like I feel right now.
















© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Sunday, 24 December 2006

British Army in Iraq

Its Christmas Eve so lets lighten the mood slightly, this video of British soldiers having fun always make me smile they play hard they fight hard, they are the best in the world. Stay safe lads your country appreciates what you are doing. A happy Christmas to all our forces where ever they serve this Nation.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Admiral: 'tinpot' armed services

Britain's beleaguered Armed Forces are in danger of being turned by the Government into a "tinpot gendarmerie" incapable of defending UK interests, according to one of the country's top military figures.

Surely he cant be wrong as well? It seems every week another top military figure is speaking out at the lack of support and forward thinking from the men in suits at the MOD. If Blair wants to wage a War on two fronts he needs to put the resources in place. It seems to me we need more ex soldiers sailors and airmen in side Whitehall then the Armed Forces might get a fair crack of the whip. We are way overstretched because unlike the US military we are a tiny force. The US Marines has more assets alone than our whole armed forces. Can the British Government assure the British people that they are doing enough at home to secure our borders from terrorist attack? Read It Here

Channel Tunnel Is Terror Target

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

'We Ask A Lot Of You'

The Queen is sending a special Christmas message to British troops - praising the courage of those stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.Read It Here

And so say all of us!

British troops 'chuffed' to receive Queen's Christmas message of support

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

My Brother's War Trailer

f you are a civilian reading this Blog you will think Im just a nut job

If you are a soldier who hasn’t been in combat you will think I’m just a nut job wanker moaning fuck up.

If you are an ex soldier with PTSD you will probably not be reading this as you will be drunk, on drugs , in Jail, contemplating suicide, or murder, or very fucking dead you lucky bastard.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Saturday, 23 December 2006

The Greasy Spoon

A greasy spoon is a nick name we give to a small dingy cafe here in the UK,Diner in the US. In this poem `Greasy Spoon` and old soldier down on his luck is told to leave because he cannot afford another cup of tea.

Pockets empty he sipped the last dregs of cold tea
The grey man in the busy Café he hoped he could stay longer
The doors opened and shut
Cold icy blasts hit him
Not as cold as it was on the Falklands Islands
Nay lad never that cold
He thought back than thought better
“If your not going to buy something else you will have to leave”
Said the Eastern European lady
She looked angry
Not as angry as I was when Tommy was killed in 82
She took his cup
As quick as the mortar shell took his leg
She held open the door for him
The wind and rain hit his face
Not as severe as when he jumped from the C130 as a Para
Stopping at the door
He looked in to her emotionless eyes
“Green Light Go”
He exited the greasy spoon

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

True Brothers In Arms

What a fantastic story of courage from these brave British soldiers, I salute you.
Read It Here

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Military Draft System To Be Tested

Its looking more like Vietnam every day!
Read It Here

More Troops Read It Here

I may be over simplifying matters but Iraq is certainly an unpopular War as was Vietnam, that also had the draft. I have no doubts what so ever that the men & woman on the ground are doing their best and as an ex soldier myself do not confuse questioning our Governments with not supporting our fighting men and woman.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Friday, 22 December 2006

San Carlos Landings

Watch out for the Rapier missile system , it was actually 31 Delta my mate Edward Denmarks
, pity about the music would have prefered the Clash or something !

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Iraq al-Qaeda 'offers US safe exit'

What about us Brits can we go home too? only thing is can we please keep our weapons because we don’t have many. Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

'Army Too Small To Cope'

Well which genius came up with this? Oh yeah Des Brown another Labour politician and yet another defence secretary that the Government shuffles around like John Prescott changes free Government mansions. Its no wonder the Army is to small to cope, it wasn’t that long ago that Comrade Blair axed the Black Watch , the Royal Green Jackets, the Kings Own Border Regt, I could go on but I would end up with a repetitive strain injury. Being the worlds policeman doesn’t exactly help matters, tell me when was the British electorate asked about invading Afghanistan? wasn’t it John Read who said we would probably never fire a shot in anger over there? Our armed forces would be much better served sealing our porous borders from illegal immigrants and terrorists. As I have said before if I was Bin Laden I would be living in the UK because he could never be extradited to the US as we do not recognise the death penalty, which is strange as Blair has sentenced tens of thousand of Iraqis to death with his illegal War. Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Thursday, 21 December 2006

South Atlantic Adventures

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Judge orders asylum family to be hauled back to UK then deported again

Mrs Justice Black: 'Human rights breach'

Blair’s Bonkers Britain, we really are the laughing stock of the world!

Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"


Can I hear a bird sing?

Or is it the gun fire ringing in my ears

Cold body suddenly warm

A Billion souls eyes smiling hands outstretched

Vortexes of love engulf me smother me

Laughter fresh cut grass descends around us

Peace tranquillity has found this soldier

Welcome Home son

Dry your eyes

Your friends are here

Hold my hand

Together into the light.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Not so much a Dog of War more a Mongrel!

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

British Army Battlefield by Day

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Dont Forget our Brave men & Woman.

Whether you think our Soldiers should or shouldn’t be in Iraq or Afghanistan please spare a thought for them this year during the holiday season(CHRISTMAS). When I was in the Falklands War as a nineteen year old soldier I never got any mail and felt terrible when the lads were reading theirs, a letter even from a stranger can be a huge moral booster.

For a British soldier in Iraq:

British Soldier c/o G1 Branch HQ MultiNational Div (SE) Basra, BFPO 641

For a British Soldier in Afghanistan:

British Soldier c/o G1 Branch HQ Helmand Province Task Force Camp Bastion, BFPO 792.t

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

PTSD and Veterans

The Judges need educating about PTSD as do we all!

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Jail for soldier who became heroin addict and stole gun

Lance Corporal Danny McKee suffered post-traumatic stress

Lets not be stupid about things to the letter of the law this man committed a crime, but he is suffering from mental illness PTSD brought on from active service to his country as I am and many many thousands of other unfortunate human beings. Jailing this man is not the answer. Lets only hope that when he is in the prison system he gets some treatment for his PTSD, we can only hope. Surely an appropriate sentence could have been passed down where he was given a suspended sentence and put into immediate treatment and counselling. If he was a teenage drug dealer on his umpteenth crime he would have been sent on a skiing holiday or white water rafting in Colorado. In his defence as was mine , because he was a soldier he didn’t see any thing wrong with using a firearm, this might seem amazing to a civilian but its true, he would have picked up that gun like a postman picks up his letters ot a chef his ladle. this man needs help and I only hope he is going to get it? He is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PTSD. We will see many more generations of young men and woman having theirs and their families lives ruined by this terrible all consuming condition. Do not punish this man any further HELP him and TREAT him do not discard him like an obsolete piece of military hardware.

Hat Tip Chosen Man

Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"


Squaddies , once a mate a mate for life , they will always watch your back!

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

The world according to Blair, by 'Mr Tony'

Well this moron really has lost the plot he actually thinks he is a walking God a diety above all others, he must have been talking to that other idiot Prince Charles who is so far removed from the ordinary people of the UK that he might as well be on another planet which he is really in his own mind. I just cant wait for `Blair the Motion Picture` he’s so arrogant he will probably even play himself, that will be after he has become the next President Of America, I would prefer Arnie myself, but hey, he could always dump the wicked witch and marry Hillary , a match made in Hell.

Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

War Creates Whores

I wrote this poem not long after my wife left me. I was at home looking after our baby daughter and she was out fucking an ugly bastard who works as a slaughter man. I bugged the phones to catch her out and heard her talking to her friend laughing about me hanging myself. I had a complete nervous breakdown and lost three stones in weight in 6 weeks. I was hospitalised after laying on my floor crying till there was nothing left inside of me to cry about , I became almost catatonic, I wouldn’t have had the strength to even blow my own brains out then. I didn’t suffice to say and my kids still have a Daddy, no thanks to that Evil fucking bitch. I realise not all woman are like this but due to my PTSD it will take me a long time to trust another woman.

My wife doesnt love me anymore
But she lied often enough
She has had a go at happy families
My she`s had it rough
She has lots of family and friends
I have nobody
Love is a bad thing we all crave
Il blame the war
War creates whores
Those bastard foreign shores.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Monday, 18 December 2006

A British tank commander who was shot and killed by his own side died because of "unforgivable and inexcusable" delay in providing body armour

Sgt Steve Roberts

No body Armour, No ammo, No commitment to the job in hand by our incompetent Government

Andrew Walker said Sergeant Steve Roberts, 33, was left exposed by "serious failings" in the army's supply chain.

'Unforgivable, Inexcusable'

Hang your head in shame Tony Blair , how dare you strut around the middle east calling for peace when it was you and Bush that has pushed Iraq back a thousand years. A little less Presidential posing and a little more support for our boys, or bring them home in time for Christmas Dinner!

Read It Here

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Walking Time Bomb.

I have just wrote this poem `Walking Time Bomb` in another of my black moods, its about a veteran who kills a civillian who provokes him and sends him back to the battlefield, he then becomes a victim of PTSD. This is why civilians need to ask questions as to why we do not get better treatement for our PTSD because believe me one day the War can come to you all.

24/ 7 got those demons in my head

Asleep or awake its all the same

I’m not feeling sorry for myself

Not looking for someone to blame

Surely death will give me peace?

Or am I already there?

Walking this earth with PTSD

Next to the man without a care

I’m jealous of his happy life

Nice house and steady job

Big Brother soccer and down the pub

His sanity has not been robbed

Until the day he takes the piss

One look one thoughtless remark

He’s put me back on the battlefield

To him a silly lark

I should have stayed at home that day

With the demons in my head

Instead I went into your world

I’m sorry you’ve ended up Dead .

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"


I wrote the poem Neglect to highlight how Tony Blair
and this Labour Government treats its War Veterans, some of whom are to scared to put their heating on in the winter and literally freeze to death, many are to terrified to venture out of their homes for fear of being mugged. Now you cant join the police if you have a Union Flag tattooed on your arm, and they are talking about banning Remembrance day parades. Great Britain is no longer a Land fit for Heroes.

The soldier crawled through the dark
He was cold he was hungry he was scared
Alone he sobbed
His hip smashed head bleeding
Death took this modest hero
His battlefield a cold empty council house in Blairs Britain 2006.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

British Army

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Cleanse Me

I think that I need to focus on the main reason for setting this Blog up and concentrate on sharing my poetry. I am in a depressive state at the moment once again, In my mental health scale I would say Im at about 6 out of 10. Having PTSD and watching the news is a bad idea, but I cannot seem to ignore it or isolate from it. This was one of the reasons why the MOD tried to say that I am not avoiding War, I wrote a book about it for Christ’s sake, but that in the early days was a form of self counselling. It is very easy to get side tracked with news items, but I just wanted people to realise how difficult it is to live in the UK at the moment under this very oppressive Government, especially being ex Military its not very trendy. If you look at our country we have one of the worst rates of alcohol related illnesses in children in the world. We use the most cocaine in the whole of Europe. When you go out to socialise you are expected to get totally blind drunk. I believe that this Government is happy with this to continue, they do not really want young people taking an interest in politics. If Labour keep our youth constantly drunk and on drugs having sex like it going out of fashion then they will be in an altered state of mind. When their not pissed out their skulls they are watching the Government created soap operas like Coronation Street and East enders. We then throw in the reality shows like Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity get me out of here and X factor. We have become a Nation of spineless sheep who are drip fed this garbage on a daily basis. I liken the UK to the old Roman Empire, we are now in our death throws, there are still the Roman orgies, but throw in the mind bending drugs and the Nanny State bills they keep throwing at us and the Fat lady is about to sing over Old Albion…..Perhaps I should join them, “Anyone for a line of Coke?”
So its back to my poetry and this one Titled `Cleanse Me`

The above photo is the dead from the battle of Goose Green Falklands War R.I.P.

Wash away my hatred and black pain
Cleanse my soul of this earthly madness
Creator if you have created why?
Some sort of sick joke?
Death Oh how a comfort it becomes
To love to hate to Kill
You have had your fill
I bow at the feet of What?
Its comical even though it hurts
When all sense and reason become nothing more than an electric spark
To ignite another bout of angst
Rain lash these eyes that have laughed at the unfortunate
Ridiculed the weak
Is this my punishment?
Cleanse me let me sleep.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Can the warrior cope with PTSD?

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"


I wote this poem `Death` after feeling depressed and suicidle, I would like to stress that I do not endorse suicide as a way of solving your problems as it always leaves problems behind for others to sort out, but I do understand why people do commit suicide and I do not concide them cowards.

Deaths just around the corner
I can see his scythe
No surprises, hes here at my invitation
Ive had a bellyful of this earthly sentence
The `Pull yourself together` crowd
Make me puke
`Yes, Yes, Yes, I know
Pull the slide back
Safety off, ha ha!!
Where to Mr Reaper?


© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Cold Turkey

I wrote `Cold Turkey` because I do not enjoy being with other human beings at times.

Your talking to a corpse

I died in 82

I walk your earth in human form

There is nothing anyone can do

I hear you but understand nothing

I see you but cant make you out

I communicate without knowing it

I’m panicking I need to get out

So alone in an overcrowded city

Walking aimlessly with false purpose

Hiding amongst the ant like populace

The reason for life I cant grasp

Go away with your meaningless leaflets

I don’t care about half price sales

Screw you and your token for fast food

Balls to your no more nails

I crave isolation like a smack head cold turkey

My own cube is my very own fix

I died in 1982

I’m still dead in 2006.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"


I did mean to kill you then

But now I wish I had not
You remain 19 forever
To forget your face I cannot

I’ve suffered for the last 24 years
Nightmares Divorce Depression
I’ve tried to drink your image away
To give you my pathetic confession

Your name I don’t even know
I hope your souls is at peace
One day we will meet in Paradise
When I finally achieve a lasting peace

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Rifle Oil

The smell of rifle oil is a special smell a soldier knows only to well, unless he is a REMF and flying a desk as his memories of basic training and Rifle oil will have faded. When you have your rifle cleaning kit in theatre you know you can keep your personal weapon serviceable and continue to do your job of keeping yourself and your mates alive and killing the emeny. Rifle oil is comforting, a military comfort blanket.

Oh that comforting smell of rifle oil
Cold metal against skin
Strength through superior firepower
Objective is to win
Advance to contact rounds firing a wall of steel
Dead mans click its bayonnet time
Dear God this is for real
I stab at the flesh
Through fingers they grasp
Please die please die
How long can you last
Ammunition reload dive into next trench
The blood the cordite an ungodly stench
From whence came great noise
Now ears buzzing in silence
My brothers in arms
Unleashing just violence
This trench is now my home
My blood forever in soil
Clean rifle check map drink tea
Oh that comforting smell of rifle oil.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Die Mother Fucker Die!

Unfortunatly its not just the `bad guys` that die!

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Its not about oil.

I wrote this poem `Its not about Oil?` to show how ridiculous the system is in the UK when a young man or woman can fight and die for their country but they cannot legally buy a drink in a pub watch an 18 certificate movie at the cinema (Ironically it could be about war) or even have the right to vote.

Roll up boys and girls

Come take the Queens shilling
Iraqs better than the dole
The scenery is thrilling

This is no Crusade
Has nothing to do with Bush
Move along, sit down
No need to crush

How old are you son?
17 good lad
You cant vote for Blair
But your Parents will be glad

That youre in good hands
Your career we will further
But if you actually fire that rifle
We may do you for murder

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Friday, 15 December 2006

The Soldiers Creed

Brave soldiers who fight and die for their mates for the pride of the Regiment and not for the Labour traitors who sell them down the river on a daily basis. Only the good die young Blair will probably live to a ripe old age!

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

`Dead man eating`

I wrote `Dead Man Eating` because those men who died in the Great War fought for the privileges that I have today like my right to express my opinion in poetry and my disatisfaction with my Government.

A sea of cadavers

Bloating rotting

Like scum on a pond

Fingers poke through the soil

Gesturing you towards them

Hell on earth in France

Tommy chews on the frozen bread

Like an animal having its last oblivious meal

So hungry he swallows large chunks that tear his throat

Placing the ladder against the trench

Tommy smiles

He puts the dirty frozen bread in his pocket

In 15 minutes his pain will end

He knows it

The already dead soldier climbs the ladder

Soon to share his bread with his dead pals.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Blair under fire over Iraq weapons, Bush defends war

Partners In Crime.

A lot a good men woman and Children have died as a result of these men manipulating the facts for their own ends. We were never under a threat of WMD from Iraq because they simply did not have any. In my opinion the world is a far more dangerous place since Saddam has been deposed. Im still waiting for the US Marines to come storming up the Thames and liberate us from the biggest dictator in modern Times.

Read It Here

© Mack (W.M.B)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Every Day is 1982.

For me anyway.

© Mack (RG)"Every day feels like the day of a funeral"

Tony Blair questioned in honours probe

Well at last he has had his collar felt, not exactly, but must admit it makes me smile a little. His Nazi storm trooper police actually questioning the Fuehrer. Its just really a charade I mean Cash For Honours is nothing compared to the `Crimes Against Humanity` charge him and his henchmen should be facing.

Hat Tip Theo Spark

Read It Here

© Mack (RG) "Every day feels like the day of a funeral"