Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Asian petrol station worker 'refused to serve Afghanistan war veteran because he was in uniform'

Boycott BP Petrol Stations.

A soldier who fought in Afghanistan was turned away from a BP petrol station because he was wearing uniform.
An Asian worker at the garage in Surrey told the shocked soldier he had to change out of his combat fatigues before he could be served.
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(RG) Well there you are folks proof once again that in the Former Great Britain anyone wearing a military uniform is shunned and treated like a paedophile or child murderer. I think its about time that all British military personnel boycott BP garages, can you imagine if a Asian man or woman was not served because the attendant couldn’t see the persons face due to a veil? The attendant would be arrested by Labours Hate Crimes Squad and thrown in jail and sacked. The `shopper` would then be awarded hundreds of thousand of pounds. Someone wake me up because this nightmare is getting worse. I would rather walk than use these bastards fuel stations ever again.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War


  1. Please don't think that the general population as a whole hates the forces. I for one have nothing but respect and admiration for those who risk our lives for this country.

    whilst I do despair at some of the changes ongoing in our country such as the giving minorities more rights and benefits than the majority, it's still my country.

  2. Rid this Country of Islamic spongers

  3. Frank says.... BP must stand for Ban Patriots, fucking scum bastards.

  4. I seem to recall somewhere that a shopworker has the right to deny selling alcohol to a Police Constable in uniform. I maybe wrong or deluded or both.

    It was one of those old bye-laws that became lost in the mists of time, so that could be the reason for the refusal by the BP employee.

    On the other hand most people now adays cant remember what was on telly last week so I would tend to be erring on the side that says "its about time this country got behind its troops 100% and crap like this should be dealt with severely".

    We are being discriminated against in our own country by ignorant people who would cry "foul" at the merest hint of an insult or slur against them...and then their complaint would be upheld so as not to upset them.


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