Saturday, 26 December 2015

Fury as Jeremy Corbyn claims Falklands War was 'xenophobic' election stunt by Thatcher

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing demands to apologise after he used an interview to suggest that the Falklands War was a “xenophobic” election stunt. In an in-depth interview with the Far-Left Red Pepper website, the Labour leader suggested that the party’s humiliating defeat in the 1983 general election was because of a “xenophobic” campaign by Margaret Thatcher’s government based on the Falklands War.

The comment is the latest insult to islanders who have fiercely opposed being taken over by Argentina and the veterans who lost their lives and suffered injuries in the campaign in 1982 when fascist leader General Leopoldo Galtieri ordered the invasion.

Previously, Mr Corbyn has provoked outrage on the same issue when he described the war as “a plot” by Margaret Thatcher to distract from unemployment in Britain as she restructured the economy.

In the interview he was asked about the the disastrous 1983 campaign when Labour’s hard Left message was rejected resoundingly by voters.
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