Sunday, 7 December 2014

Did 'phoney' Falklands veteran fool world media?

A Falklands War veteran who wants to meet the family of an Argentine soldier he claims to have killed during the 1982 conflict was accused last night of fabricating his story.
Former guardsman Gordon Hoggan, 55, made international headlines last week after issuing an emotional appeal to come face-to-face with the relatives of Jose Luis Galarza – who he says he stabbed to death on Mount Tumbledown, near the islands’ capital, Port Stanley.
In a story published by The Guardian, the guardsman, who has suffered mental health issues since the campaign, said he wanted to achieve ‘closure’ and to explain his actions to the deceased soldier’s family.
But last night a senior British Army officer said Hoggan’s account was ‘completely untrue’.
Hoggan, who served with G Company, Scots Guards, gave an interview during which he described graphically bayonetting an Argentine soldier.
‘I stabbed him through the neck with my bayonet,’ he said.
‘He was screaming in Spanish. I had to put my foot on his face to get my bayonet out. The blood came rushing out. I was covered from head to foot.’  HERE

First thing is the headline `Did 'phoney' Falklands veteran fool world media?` is a bit misleading as Gordon Hoggan is a Falklands veteran, what is disputed by some if whether he did actually bayonet an Argentinian  soldier to death in the battle of Mount Tumbledown?  Some veterans of the battle who were there say he didn’t. He says he has PTSD, I know all to well about PTSD and I know things can get confused over the years, some call it the fog of war, but whether you have PTSD or not you would dam well remember if you had bayoneted a man to death. PTSD is no excuse to tell lies. What I did find wrong was some Facebook groups like the Walter Mitty Hunting Club, posting about Mr Hoggan with some rather nasty comments made by members who themselves have never even wore a uniform let alone fought in a War, he may be ill he may be a liar, but he is not a Walter Mitty. I think he needs help and not abuse.