Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hands off, Argies! These'll soon be the richest islands on Earth.

Falkland Islands

Flying low in a light aircraft over East Falkland, you can still see the shell holes and craters pock-marking the landscape around Mount Tumbledown, scene of some of the most brutal fighting in the war of 1982.
The battle scars may have become a part of the landscape, but for many islanders the conflict remains as real as though it were yesterday.
‘My husband and I often say we don’t know what we would talk about if it wasn't for the Argentinians,’ says Fiona Didlick, who with her husband Keith runs a guesthouse at Darwin, just down the road from Goose Green.   Read more   HERE

Anyone that knows me will know how I feel about Argentina and the Falklands. I truly hope that they do indeed become the richest Islands in the world, perhaps they might even give us the UK some overseas aid, but I don't find headlines like this very helpful. I don't think Argentina has the stomach for another full scale War, but I wouldn't rule out terrorist type attacks on our oil and gas industry. We all know who fights and dies in War and its not the journalists at newspapers like the Daily Mail.