Saturday, 5 December 2015

Recalling Falklands' conflict: “Farewell to Argentina's Mirages, ”but glory is forever”

The ceremony took place last Sunday at the VI Air Brigade stationed in Tandil, Buenos Aires province, with the attendance of active and retired pilots, Malvinas war veterans, members of Air Force families, officials from the three services and security forces, and locals.
The event under the heading of 'Argentina farewells its Mirages, but Glory is forever' was an air and landing display from four different Mirage models from the Argentine Air Force. They were supported by a pass-by from other aircraft such as the IA-63 Pampa; IS-58 Pucará; Hercules C130; Fokker F-27; DHC-6 Twin Otter; Grob 120 and Embraer-312 Tucano plus helicopters Mi-171; Bell 212 and Hughes 500.
The Mirage III model was designed as a supersonic interceptor by the French Dassault in the mid fifties and was followed by the Mirage V, which became a fighter bomber. They helped Israel win an astounding victory during the Six days war in 1967, and based on this international performance, Argentina five years later incorporated the first units which started flying in 1973.Read more HERE   

(RG)  Whenever I think of the Mirage aircraft I think of the one I shot down in the Falklands War in 1982,