Monday, 14 April 2014


Hi, my name is Ken Campbell and I’m a 56 year old Falklands War Veteran (I served 9 years 1977/86 in the Royal Engineers) who was diagnosed as suffering from Combat Stress in 2007.
Now with that wonderful thing called “hindsight” I can look back and see what sort of affect that had on my life in the years between 1982 and 2009
A short account would look something like this:
    • I have lost two loving relationships (I left both of them)
    • A number of homes
    • A number of jobs
    • A hell of a lot of cash
    • I have spent time living rough
    • I have tried to take my own life several times
    • I have been sectioned twice, that is sent to psychiatric lock-ups
    • Spent way too many nights in police sells
    • Way too many mornings in Magistrates courts
    • And 18 months of my life in prison (07/09)
    • In short I have spent YEARS putting my self but more importantly the ones I love the most through the “LIVING HELL” that is Combat Stress.
ALL of this I have to say was fuelled by my abuse of ALCOHOL.
Pretty sad reading I know, but my story, although unique to me, is sadly far too often heard, albeit using different words, coming from far too many other Veterans.
That was the “OLD ME”. Now I am a completely different person due in most part to the love & belief of family, very good friends and the understanding and help from other Veterans, this I will talk about many times on Veterans Radio Net.
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