Sunday, 23 February 2014


On Wednesday 6th November 2013 I posted a painting of a  Rapier Missile Firing  I didn't make any comment about it at the time, but I thought I would repost it on my Facebook Group   Cloudpunchers Worldwide  to see if fellow Air Defenders could spot the mistake?  The Rapier missile operators obviously picked up on the fact that the operator is firing a missile but his hands are on the tracker head, when the hands would be inside the tracker, left index finger on the fire button and right hand on the joystick tracking the missile onto the target, hopefully with a kill at the end. The artist happened to also be a member of the group and admitted his mistake.  The good thing is that James has agreed to paint another with the operators arms in the right place. Another surprising thing James sketched was a portrait of myself , yes I do have big ears…lol  The Rapier painting will be used to raise funds for 12 Regt RA, at their reunion in June. So alls well that ends well. James is a fabulous artist and former member of 22 Regiment Royal Artillery, another Cloudpuncher, you can see more of James work here  Worldwide   James Crook - Artist