Friday, 21 June 2013

Falklands War Diary

Falkland Islands

April 2nd 1982

150 men from the Argentinian Buzo Tactico(special forces) land by helicopter at Mullet Creek, three miles south west of the Islands capital, Port Stanley. This was followed by the landing of over 1000 more troops and Marines. By 0930 the small British garrison defending the island, Naval Party 8901, consisting of 68 Royal Marines and 12 sailors from the Ice Patrol ship HMS Endurance, had surrendered.
The Buzo Tactico begun their attack on the island at the Moody Brook barracks, hoping to catch the Garrison(which was spread out around the east of the Harbour) in their beds, using Submachine gun, Fragmentation and Phosporous grenades. Some of the Royal Marines retreated back to Government House, and held out there until the arrival of Argentinian Amtracks,From the "Cabo San Antonio" and the 2nd Marine Infantry Battalion whose weapons had greater range than the SLRs of the Royal Marines. Three Argentinians were killed at Government House, including Captain de Fregato Pedro Edgardo Giachino,Leader of the"Marine Tactical Divers", as the Special forces were referred to. More were killed when One of the Amtracks was struck by a LAW 66, and more again when a landing Craft was struck by a round from a Carl Gustav 84mm anti Tank weapon. By the time Governer Rex Hunt ordered the Royal Marines to Cease Fire at 0925 an estimate of 20 to 30 Argentinians lay dead with no British Casualties.
The New Argentinian Governer of the Islands, General Osvaldo Garcia, announced to the islanders the change in Authority in the Malvinas, Georgia del Sur y Sandwich del Sur.
ARA Guerrico and Bahia Parasio were in the Vicinity of South Georgia, Having Landed 100 Argentinian Marines at the small whaling station at Leith on the 25/26th of March. However bad weather prevented them from gaining a simultaneous foothold on the Island. 22 men of the Royal Marines Prepared their defences in anticipation of the Argentine arrival at Grytviken.   Read more  HERE