Friday, 18 September 2015

Argentine Falklands War troops 'tortured by their own side'

Argentine soldiers were subjected to abuse and torture by their own superiors during the 1982 Falklands War against Britain, files released by Argentina's armed forces reveal.
They are the first official documents from the conflict to be made public and contain testimonies from soldiers who say they were poorly equipped and cold.
They say they were severely beaten for leaving the trenches to look for food.
The conflict over the islands cost the lives of more than 900 soldiers.
For years, war veterans have complained about the terrible conditions during the conflict, including lack of proper boots and coats, says the BBC's Ignacio de los Reyes in Buenos Aires.
The previously secret files describe mock executions and soldiers being tied up inside empty graves.
A lieutenant describes how another officer tied his hands and legs to this back and left him face down on the wet sand of a cold Falklands beach for eight hours.
A sergeant says he had to be operated on after being kicked in the testicles.
"These documents lift the veil on facts that were hidden for so many years by the armed forces," said Ernesto Alonso, from a veterans group in La Plata.Read more HERE 

(RG) If these Fascist storm troopers treat their own men like this imagine how the inhabitants of the  Falkland Islands would have been treated, I know some Argentinian officers wanted to exterminate all of the Islanders, the blood of the NAZIS is certainly in the Argentine people.