Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Blow a raspberry at Argentinian imperialism over the Falklands

The deluded neo-imperialists in Argentina have no claim whatsoever to the Falklands. Their bizarre behaviour over oil finds should be met with a very big raspberry blown right in their faces. The Falklands are British, and that's that.ntina isn't the last country in the world not to have realised that the imperial era is over. But its own brand of neo-imperialism over the Falkland Islands is surely the daftest.

Practically no-one from Argentina has ever lived there -- certainly not for any significant period of time -- and if it comes down to proximity, London is much closer to Paris (213 miles) than Buenos Aires is to Port Stanley (1,182 miles). Perhaps Britain should make a territorial claim for France on the same basis.

The latest nonsense from Argentina has been sparked by oil finds earlier in April by two British companies. The Argentinians went through the roof threatening to indict the companies' employees to "protect the resources of its 40 million citizens".

There's talk of extradition, and of 5-15 year jail sentences. Where do these people get off?

Argentina itself is an imperial construct. The majority of the population descended from European colonists. Maybe there's something in the DNA.

There was certainly something seriously pathological in the statement made by Argentina's ambassador to the UK, Alicia Castro. Speaking of British sovereignty over the islands she said: "It's like if the inhabitants of Soho decide that Chinatown belongs to China. It's exactly the same thing."Read More HERE 

(RG) My raspberry has been blown towards Argentina.