Friday, 13 February 2015

Falklands veteran Andy McGregor from Ashington to return to islands for marathon

Falklands veteran Andy McGregor from Ashington is to return to the islands for a marathon to raise money for three charities.Running a marathon is not something many of us would feel is beyond us.

Running a marathon at the age of 57 is something even more of us would find a less than appealing prospect.

Especially when the literature for said event warns that “gradients, wind and the threat of bad weather make this one of the toughest marathon courses!”

The concept of a 57 year old who is a war veteran running a marathon in such conditions is one most of us would find hard to believe.

Even more so perhaps when the event is taking place in the country in which that veteran served.

Yet it is the very fact that as a 57-year-old war veteran, he is able to run a marathon that has inspired Andy McGregor to participate.

Many war veterans carry the physical scars of battle which would render running 26 miles impossible. Not to mention the mental scars which might make returning to the land in which they fought unthinkable.

Andy considers himself fortunate to fall in neither category and is taking part in the event for those who are not so lucky.

He is raising money for charities which supports veterans of the conflict in which he served and ex-soldiers and their families.The conflict in which Andy was involved was Margaret Thatcher’s war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands of 1982..Read more  HERE 

(RG) Note how the left wing newspaper calls the it  Margaret Thatcher’s war   the haters cant help them selves, what about the illegal Wars by Tony Blair's Labour Government ?