Monday, 28 April 2014

U.S. feared Falklands war would draw in Soviet Union, documents reveal

Declassified cables show U.S. felt Thatcher had not considered diplomatic options, and feared Soviet Union could be drawn in. The US feared the Thatcher government “had not thought much about diplomatic possibilities” for resolving the Falklands crisis when it dispatched a military taskforce 30 years ago, and predicted the conflict would be a “close-run thing” that could well bring about Margaret Thatcher’s fall, according to newly declassified American diplomatic cables. The documents, published by the National Security Archives, an independent research organisation in Washington, also highlight American worries that a protracted war could draw in the Soviet Union on Argentina’s side, with far-reaching geopolitical repercussions in an area of the world the US saw as its backyard.Read more HERE

They were worried about the Soviet Union then, they are worried about Russia now, some things never change and sadly the fact that as long as man occupies the world, War will be a consequence. As for Americas help `Thank you` as I'm sure you appreciate us helping you in the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and nearly Syria until the British electorate stopped that little ill judged escapade dead in its tracks.