Thursday, 14 November 2013

A petition calling on the Prime Minister to compensate service personnel made compulsorily redundant close to pension point.

Between them they have served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan, now just before they qualify for their military pension, they have been made redundant.
The group, calling themselves Pension Justice for Troops, say the military pension is the key financial promise on which service personnel are recruited, retained and promoted. It is what they have relied on to plan their families' financial future. 
Last week Jolene Anderson started a petition because her husband was being made redundant just three days before qualifying for his pension. 100,000 people signed her petition and within two days the Ministry of Defence responded to say her husband had been successful in his transfer request and his redundancy stalled.
The public support for Jolene's petition has inspired the group to campaign for David Cameron to review the situation for all soldiers made redundant just shy of receiving their pensions. The group said "it is a betrayal of the loyalty we have shown the Government to be cast aside so close to this significant financial milestone of service." 
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