Sunday, 19 May 2013

UK MoD challenges statistics on suicides among Falklands’ veterans

The bombing of the Sir Galahad caused the biggest loss of British forces in the conflict

The claim that more Falklands veterans have killed themselves since the war ended than died in action is not borne out by statistics, a study says. Some 255 UK personnel died in action, but a veterans group has said the suicide toll since 1982 exceeds that.However, the Ministry of Defence has found 95 deaths were recorded as suicides or open verdicts. The MoD said every suicide was a tragedy and urged veterans of any conflict needing support to seek help.
In 2002, The South Atlantic Medal Association, which represents veterans, said it was “almost certain” the number of suicides exceeded the conflict death toll. It placed the blame predominantly on a lack of care for those suffering post traumatic stress disorder.
But the MoD has now investigated the circumstances of 21,432 Falklands veterans three decades after the end of the conflict, and found that as of 31 December 2012, some 1,335 had died.That compares with an estimated 2,079 deaths that would have been expected among men of a similar age and background who did not serve in the forces, according to the MoD.  Read more  HERE 

Well I think I would rather believe SAMA (82) than a `GOVERNMENT` department.