Thursday, 22 August 2013

Elite forces in secret raids against Taliban bomb-makers

An elite unit of paratroopers and Royal Marines has been carrying out secret raids on Taliban fighters and supply lines months after ministers and generals announced that British troops had stopped offensive operations in Afghanistan.An officer of the unit, known as the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG), disclosed details of the raids in an Army magazine, commenting that close-up killing is "exactly what we all joined up to do".
The disclosures in Pegasus, the journal of the Parachute Regiment, come two weeks after reports emerged that 80 British troops had been sent on a secret mission to help Afghan troops to clear Taliban fighters from Sangin. According to the article, understood to have been written by a senior officer in the unit, the unit's A Company arrived in Afghanistan in January for a six-month tour and went on to mount relentless raids against the Taliban.Its strike operations have continued unabated despite ministers and senior commanders declaring an effective end to British combat operations in Helmand earlier this year. Read More HERE 

Ok a good article by Ben Farmer on what the Telegraph call `Elite Forces` Para’s and Marines, it makes for a good headline when we label coalition British troops `Special` but they are doing the same job as the rest of the front line combat troops have been doing for years. Not so `secret` then either? The one thing that the press and the MOD wont tell you is what the real Special Forces SAS/SBS/ are doing in the name of the crown overseas, and rightly so. I think even most of Joe public realise that Special Forces have been deployed in Afghanistan even before the first `Official`  shot was fired in anger, and before that Iraq. Both Wars a complete folly and total waste of life in my opinion. Is Iraq a safer place today? No, just do a Google search on sectarian violence and daily bombings and killings. The truth is once the coalition finally pulls out of Afghanistan we will see an escalation of violence throughout the Country, with the Afghan Government being forced to negotiate with the Taliban which is already happening today. What our military presence will have achieved will be another failed state in perpetual civil War. But yet we still seem to enjoy flexing our political and somewhat in need of steroided  military muscle on Syria with a insane urge to help the Rebels, or as most rational people would call them crazed cannibal Islamists with a taste for human flesh. A rag tag bunch of psychopaths , hell bent on turning the world into a Sharia controlled living Hell. The truth is Britain would now have a problem defending its own Country let alone playing world policeman with the good cop bad cop Americans, even the US capability of War fighting has been drastically reduced by the Extreme left wing Marxist president in the White House. Obamas colour is not an issue, he is without doubt the worst President in American history in my opinion. But what do I know, that we already have Special Forces on the ground in Syria? Watch this space!