Sunday, 8 September 2013


Falkland Islands

It wasn't off the coast of Scotland
It was far far away
Crossing the equator
And the bay of Biscay
Down near the South pole
Some people did say
Our lands had been invaded
Someone had to pay

It took us weeks to get there
Sea sickness and sunburn
Battle PT rifle training
A foe we had to learn
We were all in this together
It was time to take our turn
To liberate our people
Battle honours we would earn

We said our prayers on D Day
And took the fight to them
Setting sail as boys
Quickly we became men
We froze we cried we bled
Mourning our lost brothers
As the  battle raged around us
 We thought about our Mothers

Our sergeant kept us safe
And we went on to win the day
The people clapped and cheered
As we led the enemy away
Proud we did the right thing
“God save the Queen” I heard them say
Setting sail for our homeland
I remember it like yesterday
Those that never came home
Died for your Freedom today.

 © Tony McNally

I have just wrote this poem today.