Monday, 15 July 2013

UK soldier suicides 'exceed' Afghanistan war deaths

A total of 50 serving and veteran British soldiers committed suicide last year, more than were killed fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to figures reported on Sunday.
The Ministry of Defence confirmed that seven serving soldiers killed themselves in 2012 and a further 14 died in suspected suicides, although inquests have not yet been held.
An investigation by the BBC found that at least 29 veterans also took their lives last year. There are no official figures.
A total of 40 British soldiers died in action in Afghanistan in the same period, while serving as part of a decade-long British deployment that reached 9,500 troops at its peak.
Relatives of those who killed themselves told the BBC the military should do more to tackle post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and treat it like a physical injury.Read More HERE  

"Sadly history keeps on repeating itself like the Falklands War Afghanistan has had more suicides than KIA. The MOD will always dispute these figures as they are not what they want when they recruit more servicemen & women. How many ex military veterans with PTSD have been killed in civilian road accidents?  we will never know. One charity that is making a difference is TALKING2MINDS "