Monday, 15 July 2013

Falklands: Ambassador Castro renews sovereignty claims and blasts the US for spying

Falkland Islands

Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom Alicia Castro renewed Argentina’s sovereignty claims over the Falkland Islands and put the Edward Snowden spy row on London’s table: “We are free nations that neither need nor want to be spied on,” Castro warned.During a commemorative ceremony organized in the ambassador’s residency in London to mark Argentina’s 197th Independence Anniversary, Castro addressed an audience of politicians, diplomats, artists and intellectuals both Argentine and British.
“While the world debates on warmongering trends, invasions and armed military interventions, our region promotes democracy, dialogue among equals, multilateralism and the peaceful and negotiated resolution of conflicts,” she said as she praised Latin America’s determination to consider the Falklands/Malvinas Islands’ dispute as a “regional” cause.Read More HERE 

"This ugly bitch looks like the President, perhaps they are related? She speaks for a Country that harbored NAZI war criminals after WW2 and more recently mass murdered political opponents, by throwing them out the back of aircraft over the South Atlantic , not to mention their illegal invasion of the Falkland Islands, where their forces perpetrated more atrocities on the small British population, the place is still strewn with mine fields, a little gift from Argentina so we don't forget their criminal acts. This sorry excuse for a lady should be concentrating on getting her own house in order, like paying of its massive debts and looking after its own citizens. She thinks if she bangs on about the Falklands it will take the enficise of her own domestic woes."