Saturday, 13 July 2013

Falklands receives €4.13 million in development funds from EU and praise for good governance

Falkland Islands

Falklands Islands received €4.13 million from the European Union to support sustainable growth through economic diversification under the European Development Fund (EDF) through mid-2013 to early 2016.On 3 July 2013, Director Jolita Butkeviciene and the head of FIGO, Sukey Cameron, MBE, signed the Single Programming Document for the Falkland Islands in the frame work of the 10th European EDF for the development strategy of the Falkland Islands, with an emphasis on the economic development and diversification of the territory.
Since the Falklands’ small economy is highly dependent on fisheries, economic diversification efforts to be supported through 10th EDF funding to the Islands will aim to strengthen two important areas: rural development and tourism. With the EU support the Falkland Islands Government is seeking to develop the economy whilst protecting its traditional way of life.Read More HERE  

"I despise the European Union and all it stands for especially taking away our sovereignty and the right to make our own laws forcing us to keep terrorist scum on our shores , but I'm happy for the Falklands getting this money."