Monday, 11 April 2016

When He Ran Out of Grenades He Started Throwing Empty Beer Bottles and Earned the Victoria Cross

Pvt. “Big Bill” Speakman from the British Army’s King’s Own Scottish Borderers Regiment received the first Victoria Cross medal handed out by Queen Elizabeth II of England, and to this day he is one of just eight living recipients of the British Army’s highest award for bravery in combat.  And while this alone is worthy Badass of the Week material, what puts this gigantic bearded warrior over the top is the fact that he’s better known as the “Beer Bottle VC” – an awesome-as-hell epithet he earned in 1951 on a frozen, bullet-riddled hill along the 38th Parallel where he single-handedly took on a bum-rushing Brigade of Chinese People’s Army Infantry in four hours of close-quarters combat that saw him chucking hand grenades, beer bottles, empty ration tins, pencils, small woodland creatures, kitchen silverware, cricket bats, and his own fucking hulking meaty fists at anything that passed into his field of vision until all that remained of Hill 317 was a humongous pockmarked explosion crater filled with sorrow, misery, broken glass, shrapnel-related mutilation, and lots and lots of dead enemy soldiers 
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