Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pegasus Bridge the Movie – the Brits own ‘Band of Brothers’? The director tells us more

Historically, some of the best war films ever made have been British. That kind of ended when Hollywood stepped up and dominated the film and entertainment market (after all they did have the budgets to do so). This history of WWII is mainly seen through the eyes of the U.S.A. and their involvement.
Sadly, this has slightly put a bent on history and has been further reinforced by the computer games. Furthermore, Hollywood has also been responsible for some rewrites of history when churning out films, U-571 comes to mind. The fictitious plot attracted substantial criticism since, in reality, it was British personnel from HMS Bulldog who first captured a naval Enigma machine (from U-110 in the North Atlantic in May 1941), months before the U.S. had even entered the war. The anger over the inaccuracies even reached the British Parliament, where Prime Minister Tony Blair stated that the film was an “affront” to British sailors.

And more recently Brad Pitts Fury. Should have been a great film but really did leave everyone disappointed, the ending was a real failure and the lack of reality in the Tiger v Shermans was laughable. Many people have said that they have watched it once and wouldn’t bother again. Don’t think it is going to go down as an epic. As someone pointed out, it should have gone straight to DVD and sold in supermarkets.