Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Falklands hero denied Victoria Cross because ‘too many were given out’

IT WAS one of the most controversial military decisions in recent times – not to award a Victoria Cross to a Falklands hero because too many of the medals had been given out already. Now a new book has argued that Stephen Illingsworth, who died during the battle for Goose Green on May 28, 1982, may not have been awarded the highest honour for gallantry because he lacked friends in high places. The 20-year-old private had already risked almost certain death to rescue a wounded comrade earlier on the same day. The man had been shot in the back by Argentine forces and was lying injured in no man’s land when Ilingsworth, of B company, 2 Para, left the safety of his own lines and braved enemy fire to give the wounded man first aid. Together with another soldier, he managed to remove the man’s webbing, which included spare ammunition, and carry him to safety. Read more Here