Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Once again I turn on my television to scenes of yet another terrorist atrocity in Belgium, but I was not surprised as sadly this sort of attack is becoming the norm. On several occasions I have been at Manchester airport handing in my baggage and (with a soldier’s mind) thought how easy it would be for someone to walk into the line behind me with a bomb in a suitcase, I have even mentioned it to my wife, who `shushed me`, thinking it was just me being paranoid. The big weapon in the terrorist’s arsenal is the use of `Political correctness`, the majority of the general public might think that someone or their bags look suspicious, but they would be more fearful of the police accusing them of Racism than actually being blown to pieces, or missing out on their holiday and having a black mark on their record especially if they have a good job. Yes, we need to be ever vigilant and have robust security measures in place but we also need a major rethink of how Religion can be used by our enemies, the old saying “You reap what you sow” is very apt at the moment and today's mass murder is just another seed in the forthcoming harvest.