Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I want to introduce you to Jeff Collins.

I want to introduce you to Jeff Collins. Jeff is a former staff Sargent, Army scout. The reason I wish for you to know him is because he ended his own life today. If I do not introduce him to you he will just be a number of the twenty two a day that are ending their lives needlessly! Jeff was severely injured on a house raid in Iraq. Three of his soldiers were killed. He saved his PL's life. Jeff fought and killed seven bad guys in a room no bigger than 20 feet by 20 feet that also had a spider hole full of Al-Qaeda. He took multiple rounds to his body armor. Bodies were piled up against the door blocking anyone from entering. The fight only ended when a Stryker breached the wall. The Stryker ran over Jeff and broke his back in the process. It was a year before Jeff could walk again. Jeff had very hard times since he was medically discharged with 100% disability. Two divorces, the first one because of Jodie during his tour in Iraq, his father's suicide, his mother's terminal illness, and the ongoing child custody dispute of the love of his life, 11 year old Savannah. Luckily, Savannah was not home when Jeff passed. Jeff's mother is currently in Hospice and probably won't make it another 24 hours. Jeff went home for the evening and took a lethal dose of some of his prescribed back injury and PTSD med's. Jeff always had a hard time taking his medication correctly for his multiple combat related ailments and injuries. He didn't want to be on the meds and would purposely not take them until he absolutely had to, and he always had a hard time finding the right dosage to help at that point. Jeff was a hero. A Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star with "V" medal recipient. One of the finest soldiers I ever had the pleasure of leading and serving with. As far as I'm concerned, he died today as a result of injuries he received in Iraq 7 years ago. Godspeed, scout. I'll see you on Fiddlers Green. Thank You for taking the time to know Jeff Collins! To stay in the Veteran's loop please visit and like VVA Chapter 542  on Facebook.