Friday, 8 January 2016

What other country would pay lawyers to persecute its own war heroes?

Time and again in recent conflicts across the world, British soldiers have willingly put their lives on the line for our country. Yet instead of being honoured for their spirit of patriotism and self-sacrifice, too many of them are now the targets of vexatious legal actions brought by politically motivated, greedy lawyers who undermine the ability of our Armed Forces to protect our national interests. What makes this betrayal all the more disgraceful is the Government’s failure to stand up to these legal wreckers. Indeed, far from challenging them, Whitehall provides them with funding, staff and judicial backing. This pathetic collusion represents a complete inversion of morality, with the state now effectively bankrolling relentless attacks on our defenders. The full extent of this taxpayer-subsidised treachery has been laid bare through news reports about the activities of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team, which was set up in 2010 by the Ministry of Defence to investigate claims of ill-treatment and unlawful killings by British military forces. Initially, the unit was meant to inquire into 152 cases, but now its work has spiralled out of control to more than 1,500 cases.Read more HERE

(RG) Imagine what Winston Churchill would have made of the insane PC correct Country that the UK has become.