Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mr Cameron MUST stop these vile witch-hunts against our brave troops

Over the past few years, I have been watching the disturbing growth of an insidious enemy, an enemy that represents a very real danger to the fighting capability and morale of our Armed Forces.
This is an enemy that seems to have almost magical powers. Not only can it slow down an infantryman in the thick of a firefight, but it could also cause a Typhoon pilot not to drop his bombs or the captain of a destroyer not to engage with a threatening vessel.
Furthermore, it is an enemy feared by every serviceman and servicewoman in this country. Worse still, it is an enemy many will continue to fear even after they have hung up their berets.
The enemy to which I am referring is not ISIS or, indeed, any form of terrorist or conventional combatant.No, for this is an enemy that carries neither bombs nor bullets — but bundles.
These bundles consist of legal documents and supposed evidence gathered by an army of ambulance-chasing lawyers, and which are then thrown like grenades at soldiers who are supposed to have committed the most heinous war crimes and vile abuses while they were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Though there can be no doubt that every soldier should, of course, obey the Laws of War and Rules of Engagement, it is to my genuine dismay as a former Army officer and Armed Forces minister that our troops should be subjected to lengthy, spurious and stressful legal probes that have little to do with military reality and justice and everything to do with enriching grandstanding lawyers.

Just yesterday, we learned of a new and particularly fatuous example of this vile and unpatriotic witch-hunt.Read More HERE  

(RG) Here is a poem I wrote about the latest persecution of our Armed Forces 


As a young boy I always wanted to be a soldier
Counted the seconds as I got older
Then came the day and I joined the ranks
Not for me working in shops or banks
Then they sent us of to War
My Mother cried as I closed the front door
I shot a Taliban who killed a soldier
Now I rot in prison accused of murder.

© Tony McNally