Monday, 25 January 2016

Explorer and former soldier Henry Worsley dies attempting unaided Antarctic crossing

Gaunt, exhausted and battling the infection that would eventually claim his life, Henry Worsley took one last picture inside his tent, a tiny refuge from the most extreme environment on earth. The 55-year-old British explorer had lost 50lb during his mission to become the first adventurer to cross Antarctica unassisted, and appeared at the end of his strength. But a poignant final message - recorded for his online journal - reflected both despair and the belief that he would come to terms with stopping 30 miles short of the finish line. 'My journey is at an end,’ he said. 'I've run out of time, physical endurance, and simple sheer ability to slide one ski in front of the other to travel the distance required to reach my goal. 'My summit was just out of reach. I've spent 70 days on my own in a place I love. I'll lick my wounds, they will heal over time, and I'll come to terms with the disappointment.' Mr Worsley, a former Army officer from London, died yesterday after succumbing to infection 71 days into his 950 mile charity trek. The father-of-two had been airlifted to a Chile hospital on Friday after being unable to move from his tent for two days. Doctors diagnosed him with bacterial peritonitis and were unable to stop the infection spreading through his body.Read More HERE R.I.P.