Sunday, 1 November 2015

British Troops who wore green berets when they marched for Marine A could have their pay docked or be given extra duties - but those in civilian clothes will not be punished

Royal Marines who flocked to a rally demanding justice for jailed comrade Alexander Blackman could lose half a day’s pay as punishment.
Serving personnel defying a Ministry of Defence ban by turning up at the demonstration in their green berets may face action by their commanding officers.
They risk administrative punishments, such as docked pay or having to undertake extra duties, it is understood.But those who supported the protest wearing civilian clothing will not be reprimanded.
Hundreds of campaigners assembled in Westminster Square on Wednesday to support Sgt Blackman, who is serving eight years for killing a wounded Taliban fighter in the heat of battle in Afghanistan in 2011.
Those who attended the rally said the court martial of the 41-year-old sergeant – in which he was known as Marine A – was a travesty of justice with vital evidence withheld.HERE  

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