Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hundreds Gather In Support Of Former Royal Marine Convicted Of Murder

Police estimate more than 600 people have joined a rally calling for the release of a Royal Marine Sergeant, jailed for murdering an Afghan man. Alexander Blackman was given a minimum term of 10 years when he was convicted in 2013 for shooting an injured Taliban insurgent. An appeal against his conviction was rejected in May last year but the jail term was reduced to a minimum of 8 years. His supporters want the case reopened, claiming there is new evidence shows Marine Blackman should have faced the lesser charge of manslaughter. Today they gathered in their hundreds on Parliament Square, many of them veterans creating a small sea of green berets in the heart of Westminster. More from Forces TV: MoD Issues Blackman Protest Warning Sgt. Blackman's wife Claire said she was hugely impressed with the turnout. Read more and watch video HERE