Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Falklands war was Tory plot - and jobless men died for Thatcher,

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership credentials come under renewed attack today after it emerged that he branded the Falklands War a ‘Tory plot’ in which ‘unemployed men’ were sent to die.
Mr Corbyn, the favourite to take over as Labour’s leader, said Britain was wrong to send a taskforce to liberate the UK overseas territory after Argentina’s invasion in 1982.
The Mail on Sunday can reveal that he refused to offer ‘loyal support’ for British troops as they were fighting to reclaim the islands, and claimed the war was conceived to keep the Conservative Party’s ‘money-making friends in business’.
Last night, his comments drew a furious response from veterans. Simon Weston, who suffered horrific burns when the troop landing ship Sir Galahad was bombed by Argentine jets, warned yesterday that Mr Corbyn ‘could be a liability for this country’.
He said his attack on the motives of the Thatcher government and his description of those who fought in the conflict was ‘deplorable, ignorant and absolutely offensive’.Read more HERE