Sunday, 27 September 2015

Falklands clearance of Argentine mines takes off to a flying start

Most of the work is concentrated in areas surrounding the capital Stanley which were planted 33 years ago by the retreating Argentine forces that invaded the Falklands in April 1982.
Phase 4B which involves work on five areas commenced just over ten days ago and minefield number 33 (opposite Pony’s Pass) is expected to be completed this week.
Mr Marot said the Bactec (*) team was operating about four times faster than in 2010 when the project started and this was mainly due to techniques having improved as well as the understanding of how the mines have been laid.
“The Argentine records have been quite consistent throughout,” he said.
Works by the Bactec team of de-miners are taking place in the area south of Sapper Hill near the water tanks, Pony’s Pass as mentioned above, at Eliza Cove Bay near the rubbish tip, general area clearance on the south side of Wall Mountain and between Eliza Cove Road and the Mile Pond.Read more HERE