Sunday, 14 June 2015

SAS veteran of Iranian Embassy siege and Falklands War puts medals up for sale

Bob Curry was the first man to go in when commandos stormed the London building, forcing an end to the 1980 hostage crisis.An SAS hero of the Iranian Embassy siege has put his medals up for sale for £25,000. Bob Curry was one of the first commandos to break into the London building where 26 hostages were being held by gunmen. The special forces soldier, then aged 27, had to use a sledgehammer to smash through a window after an explosive failed to detonate. Despite the risk that the device could still explode, Bob ran forward, kicked the charge out of the way, and was the first to climb inside. The soldier earned campaign medals for his service in Northern Ireland and the Falklands War. They are being sold alongside his SAS beret, belt and winged badge. Read more HERE