Monday, 15 June 2015

Jim Davidson and Falklands hero Simon Weston help jailed veterans go straight

COMEDIAN Jim Davidson has teamed up with Falklands ­veteran Simon Weston to find ­mentors for former servicemen jailed after falling on hard times.They want to improve opportunities for rehabilitation and reduce the chances of re-offending.

The 61-year-old Celebrity Big Brother winner said: "If the person has done the crime, then they should serve the time but we don't want them to go back in.

"We are asking veterans who can spare the time once or twice a month to visit an assigned service veteran in prison to be their buddy and to help them when they come out.

It is someone who will understand their problems and someone who they can trust.

We are asking mentors to help fellow veterans to get their lives back on track."

Falklands veteran Mr Weston, 53, added: "When the law has run its course, we want to help these ­veterans, help rehabilitate them and help their families as well."

Their impassioned plea is part of a Care after Combat charity ­initiative backed by Justice ­minister Mike Penning. Mentors must be 20 to 75 ready to help freed offenders with such things as job interviews.

Mr Davidson added: "One prisoner summed up the feelings of most when he told us, 'Will you let everyone know, I am so sorry for letting the side down.'
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(RG) I dont have a problem helping some prisoners especially ex servicemen, everyone deserves a second chance apart from sex offenders.