Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Emerald Isle

Over the emerald sea we went
To make it a better place
Patrolling the streets
We could feel the hate
Anger in every face

The petrol bombs, burning cars
Shouts of “Contact wait out,”
Drop down to ground
Firing position
This is a War, no doubt

Get up move quick hard target
Smoke is stinging my eyes
Then the mob is gone
An eerie silence
Our helicopter hovering in the sky

A huge explosion
The day goes black
Ears ringing I can hardly breathe
Sirens wail women scream
My brain finds it hard to conceive

Still alive, grab hold of my weapon
Look around to look for my mates
Civilian bodies scattered on the ground
Like children’s dolls
Was this always to be their fate?

Brain re-engages
Still scanning the rooftops
Brick commander screams, “ Follow me.”
Hard target back to the Saracen 
Please save me Lord is my silent plea

I was saved that day now its thirty years on
Only veterans those events I do talk
Was eighteen when I crossed the Emerald Isle
To my brothers I would say
It was only with you that I could walk that walk.

© Tony McNally