Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The MoD accidentally published information on Falklands RAF base online

The Ministry of Defence was under fire after vital details of the RAF's main base on the Falklands Islands were published on their website.
The secret document, which has the exact GPS co-ordinates of vital facilities as well as information on the depth of concrete on the runway were published unencrypted on the MoD's website.
The details could be used as 'an invasion guide' by Argentina, with the technical information providing excellent intelligence to any Argentine bombers sent to attack the islands. The Aerodrome Manual was accidentally uploaded onto a public section of the MoD's website and could have been downloaded by Argentine intelligence agents to help prepare a mission to recapture the islands.
A senior military source told The Express: 'This is exactly the kind of intel foreign powers send spies to get.'It's practically an invasion handbook. Taking out the runway could cripple Britain's ability to fight off invaders in the ongoing sovereignty dispute.'
The MoD admitted the manual had been available on the internet but the link had been disabled. They denied the information was particularly sensitive.
The blunder occurred as Argentina was described as a 'very live threat' by Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.
This comes as Argentina is preparing to lease 12 Sukhoi SU-24 long-range bombers from Russia.
The Falklands Islands are defended by modern Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, supported by Rapier surface-to-air missiles and 1,200 troops.
The Royal Navy also patrols the area and nuclear-powered submarines are also thought regularly travel to the region.
And the MoD recently announced the £228million purchase of new anti-aircraft missiles to boost island defences. Read More HERE 

(RG) Cynics would say that this was done deliberately as an election is coming and the last Falkland War put Thatcher back in No 10, my belief is it is just down to poor incompetence and those involved should be sacked  , defence and National security is not something that should be treated so trivially.