Friday, 3 April 2015

Paratroopers set for second march on Downing Street in campaign for Falklands hero to be formally recognised

Anger over government's refusal to award gallantry medal to Cpl Stewart McLaughlin.Hundreds of paratroopers are planning a second march on Downing Street in support of an ongoing campaign for a Wirral Falklands hero to be formally recognised for gallantry. More than 1,000 supporters are expected to join Cpl Stewart McLaughlin’s family on the march, on Friday July 3, to back calls for him to be posthumously honoured. The Wallasey paratrooper died during the battle of Mt Longdon in June 1982, and his family have been campaigning for 33 years for him to be recognised for his bravery. Though an original hand written citation was mislaid, his commanding officer in the Falklands Lieutenant-General Sir Hew Pike has since rewritten it, stating his actions fell “firmly in the Victoria Cross bracket” Read more HERE

(RG) They should do the right thing and grant the medal, but I don't hold out much hope, amazingly the same Government has been handing out South Atlantic medals like sweets, some soldiers who were sat at home watching the War on TV ,  can have medals, I have read quite a lot about the Vietnam War and watched loads of movies , so can I have a purple heart ?!