Tuesday, 31 March 2015

We should ignore the bluster and sabre-rattling, argues the Iraq war hero

What struck me about the Falkland Islanders on the several occasions when I served there during my army career was their warmth and their disarming generosity.
That is not to say relations are always completely rosy between the islanders and the garrison that more than matches their numbers. The local joke goes “How do you make 4,000 people happy in the Falklands? Send 2,000 home”. The simple truth is that Falkland Isanders just want to be left alone.
But that is not likely to happen. Their jealous neighbour covets their tiny farms whilst using the islands as a convenient distraction from Argentina’s many domestic woes. With the news that the Russians are contemplating leasing 12 long range bombers to Argentina, it would appear that the military threat to the Falklands is still very real. So what could and should the UK be doing to reassure the islanders and deter the aggressor?Read more   HERE 

(RG)It would be foolish to ignore completely the rhetoric coming from Bueno’s Aires, hot air is one thing but the purchase of military hardware from Russia or China is another matter all together. We should learn from our past mistakes, when a British government looked like they didn't care about the lonely British outpost with disastrous consequences for those that lost their lives on both sides.