Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Secret death toll of SAS war in the Falklands

FIFTEEN Argentine soldiers died in gun battles with British Special Forces in Argentina during the Falklands campaign, a book endorsed by Prince Andrew claims.The secret war has been covered up by both sides but the book’s author says he was contacted by Argentinian conscripts who were desperate to have their story told.

Special Forces helicopter pilot Col­onel Richard Hutchings says: “They claim their war against the British enemy took place on the Argentinian mainland in Patagonia, where 3,000 conscripts operated alongside regulars to protect airfields and aviation fuel dumps at Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos air bases from covert sabotage operations by British Special Forces.

“These conscripts alleged they fought against the SAS and SBS on Argentina’s mainland and say their war service has never been recognised because the very existence of British Special Forces on Argentine soil has long been denied.”Read more   HERE 

(RG) I knew of an aborted mission on mainland Argentina by Special Forces, but I have my doubts about this?