Wednesday, 4 March 2015

REVEALED: The Falklands war DEATH RAY Margaret Thatcher planned to use on Argentina

Although the weapon was never used, prime minister Margaret Thatcher was so impressed she ordered tests to perfect it for possible use against the Soviet Union.

Governments had been keen to come up with a death ray since the 1920s, when £1,000 was offered for the invention of a ray that could kill a sheep at 100 yards.

During the Second World War Jasper Maskelyne, a conjuror employed by British Forces in North Africa as a camouflage and deception expert, used powerful searchlights to dazzle Luftwaffe pilots targeting the Suez Canal.When the Falkland Islands were invaded in 1982, scientists decided to employ the same trick by using lasers to blind enemy pilots Read more   HERE 

(RG) Ha Ha , the press love to use the words Death Ray and Margaret Thatcher in the same sentence.