Thursday, 19 February 2015


Putins come to Cornwall
He wants to give the RAF a scare
He has also been to Bournemouth
With his big bad ugly bear
He is drinking a bottle of vodka
And smoking a fat cigar
With his finger on the nuclear button
Cameron thinks he has gone too far
Next week he is going to Blackpool
In his big bad ugly bear
He wants to see the tower
Is there nobody Vlad doesn't fear?
Putin has been seen over Scunthorpe
Waving at the RAF
Then he’s off to fly over the Falklands
To see if we have any planes left
He knows with the MOD defence cuts
He can do whatever he wants
In his big fat ugly bear
He Taunts and Taunts and Taunts
Oh Putins coming to London
Oh Da Da Da Da Da Da Da !!!!!!
© Tony McNally

(RG) This is a lighthearted poem about Russian bombers testing out the British RAF and the serious reason that we cannot do much about it nowadays due to the massive military cuts that have seriously downgraded the UK Armed Forces.