Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Family of Wirral Falklands hero to consider seeking judicial review over government's refusal to award him posthumous gallantry medal

Relatives of Cpl Stewart McLaughlin believe MoD investigation should be re-opened to consider new evidence.The family of a Wirral Falklands hero is considering seeking a judicial review over the government’s refusal to award him a gallantry medal. It comes after a Ministry of Defence inquiry ruled there was no evidence Cpl Stewart McLaughlin, who died during the battle of Mount Longdon in 1982, was treated differently from other servicemen who were considered for an award at the time. The Wallasey soldier’s family has been leading a campaign for him to be posthumously recognised, arguing that a citation was mislaid and never considered. Cpl McLaughlin’s commanding officer in the Falklands, Lieutenant-General Sir Hew Pike, has since rewritten it, stating his actions fell “firmly in the Victoria Cross bracket”. Family members say the investigation, which found there was no evidence a citation was prepared for Cpl McLaughlin, ignored key evidence that a citation was written – which they say they could have provided if they had been consulted. Wallasey MP Angela Eagle and former paratrooper Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central, who have both supported the family’s campaign, have now written a joint letter to Lord Astor, the minister responsible for medals, expressing their disappointment in how it was carried out and calling on him to re-open the case.Read more HERE

(RG) They should do the right thing and award this brave soldier a gallantry medal, but for some reason they wont. I wish them the best of luck with their battle.