Sunday, 11 January 2015

Statue honouring Margaret Thatcher unveiled in the Falklands

But the Argentinian ambassador to Britain has slammed the artwork islander's asked for, saying that the UK 'is celebrating war. A statue honouring the memory of Margaret Thatcher has been controversially unveiled in the Falkland Islands.

The tribute to the Iron Lady, who led Britain into the 1982 conflict with Argentina, was revealed yesterday.After Thatcher died in 2013 the residents of the islands were asked how they wanted to remember the Conservative Prime Minister.After deciding to build a statue, the idea was slammed by leading Argentinian politicans.The south American nation's ambassador to Britain Alicia Castro said: "What the UK is doing is celebrating war."Sculptor Steve Masson was commissioned to carry out the work, costing £40,000.Read More   HERE  

(RG)  My message to the ambassador, we are not glorifying War, we are remembering a Prime Minister that fought an Evil Fascist dictatorship and reclaimed our Islands and restored democracy.