Monday, 5 January 2015


I saw you smile
But it didn’t hide the fear in your eyes
Checking our weapons again
No nasty surprise
Thumbs up and you were gone
In the mist the chopper did rise
Will we meet again?
Nobody knows
Then it was my turn
Off to War we go
Both of us young men
A soldier no doubt
This was our moment
In the Chopper I shout
“If I die in a combat Zone
Box me up and send me home”
When the guns fell silent
We met again
Not recognising each other
As bearded skinny old men
Our smiles had gone
A different look in our eyes
No hugs or handshakes
Nervously still staring at the skies
We did our duty
Made it through
Two young old men
The class of 82.

 © Tony McNally

(RG) During the Falklands War I left my best mate and went to War, at the end of the fighting we both met up again in the Capital Stanley, we were filthy bearded and had lost so much weight we didn’t recognise each other.