Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Another poppy grows from the hard dry ground
As another soldier falls
His name will live forever more
On the War memorial walls
The petals still gently blow in Flanders fields
Dancing in the winter sun
As a solder falls in Helmand province
He wont be the only one
Just once a year we wear our poppies proud
Standing silent in our towns
We cant hear the rifle shot in Afghanistan
That’s just brought another soldier down
As another poppy seed is planted
Another baby boy is borne
Lets pray he doesn't have to die
To protect us all at home
A poppy is not just a paper flower
Its represents a life
A brother , son , uncle
Who leaves a grieving wife
So next time you see a poppy
Remember what it means
A fallen Hero
Who died for us
Some still in their late teens
On the
Lets bow our heads an pray
That another British soldier
Will not die on this sacred day.

© Tony McNally