Monday, 8 September 2014

Fifty years since Falklands incursion and landing by Argentine light aircraft

This Monday is the fiftieth anniversary of an odd stunt by Argentine Cessna pilot Miguel Fitzgerald who landed his light aircraft on the Stanley racecourse, left a note of protest about the ‘illegal’ British occupation of the Falkland Islands, handed an Argentine flag to a bemused bystander, and flew away again.Fitzgerald’s story was recorded by a number of newspapers in 1964, and he told them the idea of flying to the Islands was not a new one. Speaking of his exploits, he said in fact that pilots who flew from the Argentine Monte Grande airfield spoke of it often, although it was generally considered a kind of joke or prank idea. However it was one that had been in Fitzgerald’s head for fourteen years he told one interviewer.
His was not the first attempt though, in 1952, Aldo Comi along with Cesar Alvarez, an Aerodrome flight instructor, had departed from Rio Grande with a flight plan to Ushuaia. Once in the air they announced they were cancelling the flight plan filed and were heading to the Falklands; but weather prevented them landing.
They lost sight of the Islands and in a seven hour flight returned to Comodoro Rivadavia. But why September 1964? Read more HERE  

Miguel Fitzgerald  was lucky he didn't get a Rapier missile up his arse.