Monday, 21 July 2014


On this day, the 21st of July 1982: Homecoming for HMS Hermes The flagship of the British taskforce to the Falklands, HMS Hermes, has arrived back in Portsmouth. Thousands of relatives and friends crowded the dockside to welcome home the 1,700 crew, Royal Marines and survivors of the destroyed HMS Sheffield. Several babies born during the conflict will be meeting their fathers, uncles and brothers for the first time. The aircraft carrier - named after the winged messenger of Greek gods - began its 8,000-mile mission 108 days ago on 5 April. An all-services salute including flypasts from RAF Harriers, Army Lynx helicopters and a naval Hunter training squadron accompanied the ageing ship as it cruised into port. Flanked by a flotilla of smaller boats, Hermes replied with a 17-gun national salute, usually reserved for foreign visits.