Sunday, 25 May 2014


"In 1832 an Argentine military garrison was sent to the Falkland Islands in an attempt to impose Argentine sovereignty over British sovereign territory. The United Kingdom immediately protested and later expelled the Argentine military garrison,
on 3 January 1833. The civilian population, who had previously sought and received British permission to reside on the Islands, was encouraged to remain. The majority voluntarily chose to do so. The United Kingdom has never implanted any civilian population; all civilians have voluntarily migrated to, or been born in, the Falkland Islands. Civilian migrants voluntarily settled on the Islands from a large number of countries, as they did throughout the whole Americas region, including Argentina, during the nineteenth century. Many of today’s Islanders can trace their roots on the Falklands back eight or nine generations. The Republic of Argentina’s claim to the Islands, which it bases on the principle of disruption to its territorial integrity, is without foundation, as the Islands have never legitimately been administered by, or formed part of, the sovereign territory of the Republic of Argentina."