Sunday, 20 April 2014

You know your Argentine when

1. 1765 is after 1830

2.UN Human Rights laws do not apply to Argentina

3. Don't question your government if you like what they say.

4. Senior Statemen will openly release statements that show a level of diplomatic immaturity that would make Mugabe blush.

5. Creating Signs and monuments to a non existent place called Narnia , oops I meant Malvinas.

6. When your inflation rate reaches at least 40 % and your Financial Minister doesn't know basic economics and storms out of a press conference, you start burning British Flags and start calling all Brits Piratas.

7. You worship someone called Cohen who is supposed to be an expert of international law but has no idea of what Uti Posseditis means.

8. You claim other nations are Usurpers but your whole history is based on invasion and occupation.

9. You claim 3000 people are not entitled to live in there own homes but state with no sense of Irony you would do whatever you had to do to defend the motherland.

10. Your nation lives on a perpetual loop of 10 year financial collapses and yet your nation thinks you fix this by creating trade restrictions and stopping moment of money, will work.

11. You attempt to be superior with no reason to suppose the person you are belittle is any less intelligent or knowledgeable that you as an attempt to hide your own insecurities.

12. You claim that someone who's families have lived somewhere for 9 generations is an invader and your own President is only 2 generations Argies.

13. You can say that you want to debate but you write into your constitution that debate is not allowed and once again you fail to see the irony.

14. You can sign in a treaty that any prior claim is null and void but only when it suits you.

15. You can sneakily Usurp a population from Tierra Del Fuego and then blame everyone else for Usurping.

16. You can call nations Piratas but it's ok to steal entire Corporate entities.