Saturday, 26 April 2014

Falklands War medals expected to fetch up to £180,000

Medals won in the defence of South Georgia, when a heavily outnumbered platoon of Royal Marines held out against Argentine invaders, are to go on sale.Medals won in one of the most extraordinary incidents of the Falklands War, when a small band of Royal Marines held out for hours against Argentine invaders, are expected to fetch up to £180,000 at auction on Thursday.
The platoon of 22 Marines led by a young lieutenant braved an air and sea assault by a far larger force, as the sole defenders of the isolated island of South Georgia.
By the time they were forced to surrender against overwhelming numbers, the marines had shot down a helicopter, badly damaged an Argentine warship and killed or wounded many attackers.
Lt Keith Mills, later Captain Mills, won a Distinguished Service Cross for “conducting a valiant defence in the face of overwhelming odds” and went on to serve in Bosnia and Croatia. He is now selling his medals at auction in London, with auctioneers estimating they will go for between £140,000 and £180,000.
A spokesman for Spink, the auction house, said: “Having never been in battle before he led his detachment of 21 men in a valiant defence of the island against a major Argentine assault by land, sea and air.
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